There are many things that have improved with time and technology and these things will keep on improving. Whereas earlier, there might have been only one technique of printing, now there are many different methods of printing and each method serves its own purpose. The article discusses the pros and cons of the two most popular forms of printing namely, digital printing and offset printing. Both jobs are used for various purposes and the important thing is to distinguish what your requirement for a printing job is. Read on to find out more.

In today’s world, where everything comes to us on a silver platter and where we take most things for granted, it is difficult for us to even think about the value of certain things. When we receive the morning paper with the current month’s issues of our favorite health and beauty magazines, we don’t even give the glossy covers a second look, much less think about how they came into being. What we don’t seem to realize is that an entire creative process goes behind deciding the layout, the content and the designing of any printed work of art. Even the whole process of printing is a very complicated one; there are big machines and steamers that print out the beautiful images that you see in the magazines. The major focus today is about what kind of printing to use. Because technology is rapidly expanding and changing, the world of printing is also facing some serious developments, all with their merits and demerits.

One of the most popular forms of printing used these days is digital printing. This process involves applying ink only once like inkjet printers available in offices and at homes. There are some advantages of using digital printing such as smaller jobs; it is better to use this method if you are printing involving 500 units. Digital printing is also used for tasks that involve customization, for example, printing invitation cards, brochures, etc. This allows us to print different data on each individual card or piece of paper. Digital printing is also a much faster process and costs a lot less. There is practically zero maintenance for these printers. The downside is that this kind of printing does not yield high quality products. Another thing is that they only use four basic primary colors and the more refined colors are not yet handled by digital printers. Lastly, they can only print up to a certain size; pages that are too large are not accommodated by these printers. That being said, there is another form of printing used widely in the Middle East; you will find various companies offering Offset Printing Dubai.

This second form of printing is also highly popular; the process involves repeatedly imprinting the design using a complicated mechanism. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because of its high quality results. This is mainly used to print larger jobs and it also allows for bigger paper or material to be used, hence, providing you with the option of using a larger format. Another interesting thing is that this kind of printing uses specialized color, which is different from the four basic colors used everywhere. This also allows for added texture and glossy prints and since there are many stamping heads, a very wide range of colors can be seen and used. The only downside that offsets printing offers is that it is expensive to manage and uses and requires a lot of maintenance so only bigger companies keep them. Offset Printing Dubai is however, immensely popular and we recommend it for the more important tasks in your life.

Author credit – Robert Jhone