If you are handling the business of a web design or a creative digital agency then you might be involved in a lot of work like business development, graphic design, various technologies, and user experience design etc.

It is a whole lot of work that is quiet diverse from each other so while dealing with the clients, one faces the challenge of how to communicate the goals and the results in an effective manner?

So here are some ideas on sharing the information and knowledge with the web developers and the clients-

Never Think You Are Smarter Than Your Client!

As web designers of a Web Development Company or a Creative Digital Agency your main aim should be to solve the challenges faced in the business for the clients. Your daily challenge would be to deliver the assigned project on time and satisfy the requirements of the client. You may think that you are quiet smart and the client is not as smart as you are but that is where you go wrong! You may know a lot of things where the client may face a weak spot, but there are a lot of other things where the client may have an upper hand too. So you need to open up your ears when the client tells you something!

Create a Win-Win Situation

As a designer of a web development company you need to be aware of a lot of things where you can negotiate your points with the client on valid grounds. Clients are emotionally attached to their brands so you need to base your response keeping that in mind. Give them research based facts and try to solve the situation in such a manner that it becomes a win-win situation for both of them.

To Avoid Damage it’s good to Bend At Times

You need to be a successful negotiator where you can offer a solution that can give both the parties a winning hand! Your client should be happy that their demands were considered and were met and you should be happy as a developer that your time was not wasted in meetings! There may be chances that after you have provided them with logical facts and reasoning for a particular idea they may change their mind!

Exert Some Amount of Authority in Your Work

You need to exercise your authority in the work you do and make sure that for every project you undertake there are clearly defined goals with strict deadlines! These are the goals that would help in measuring the performance of the website. If by any chance you are not able to meet the deadlines, still you can allow the website to go live if all the major tasks are completed. When the website goes live then you can complete all the remaining work. 

When you exert authority in your work and are strict then it would motivate you to deliver the projects on time. It would also force the client to provide you with content, pictures and their ideas on time. If anything is missing from the client’s side due to not following the above mentioned rules then they may have to pay you for an hourly consulting basis.

You need to understand that when you are working towards achieving a certain goal then your opinions and decisions should matter and they cannot be ignored by the client! You are being paid by the client because you know your job! But remember that at the end of the day you are at the mercy of your client and you need to meet all their requirements. Good communication will help you both to understand each other and complete the project on time.

Author Credit – Shailendra Singh1